What other aspects of device use might be relevant to the device’s cybersecurity risk?

What other aspects of device use might be relevant to the device’s cybersecurity risk?


Privacy:Scope of personal information collection

We will handle all types of
personal information, including the data clearly provided by you and your
device data and personal information generated from the use of our services,

When you register or log in, we
will collect your email address, password, nickname, and profile photo that you
use in registration.

you download or use the app, we may read information about your mobile device,
such as information of the hardware model, IMEI number or other unique device
identifier, MAC address, IP address, operating system version, and location. We
may also read information about the use of your appliances through the Internet
of Things (IoT) app, such as the device model, operating status, frequency of
usage, and the use of cameras built into the device. We may also receive and
record information about your conversations, audios, videos, pictures, etc. in
voice interaction with IoT devices.

you use bonded and controlled devices, we will collect the information of
device model, IP address, location, and device status. We collect your current
location information, not track your whereabouts, open the location service can
directly obtain your location information to provide you with services, such as
weather service, intelligent scene service, network function. The device will
save Wi-Fi SSID and password when connected to a home Wi-Fi router, and such
information will not be uploaded to the cloud.

you use an Internet of Things (IoT) device, we may collect information that you
communicate during the voice service interaction, including the recordings of
your voice commands (such as your questions, requests, and instructions), and
information that you receive from the service (such as responses, answers, and

you use an IoT device, you can view the real-time and historical video footage
captured by the camera through the software. You can also save the video
locally. To enable the mention function, we will send all videos captured by
the camera to your app in an encrypted manner. We will neither store your video
footage on our server nor use it for any other purpose or share it with any
third party.

you use a product or service, we will automatically receive and record
information about your browser and computer or App client, such as your IP
address, browser type, language used, and access date and time, hardware and
software feature information and web page records you need; when you apply for
after-sales service, we may also collect your phone number and address.

help us understand the operation of App, we will use the mobile analysis
software SDK. We may record information of your frequency of usage data,
corrupted data, overall usage data, performance data, etc. We will not
associate information stored in the analysis software with any of your personal

It is important to note that separate device information or service log
information cannot identify a particular natural person. If we combine such
non-personal information with other information to identify a particular
natural person or use it in conjunction with personal information, such
non-personal information will be treated as personal information during the
period combined use, and we will de-identify such information unless we have
your authorization or unless otherwise stipulated.

As mentioned above, we will store your account information in the
database so that you can get your personal data every time you visit our
website and use our App or other services.

Your data will be stored in our server as log files and used for
analysis and research. After being processed in the server, your data will be
transmitted to the database.

We will back up data on a regular basis to prevent data loss due to
server failure or human error and will delete them immediately at your request.